Our expertise

Integrating pest and disease management processes for biodiversity , respect for traditions, these are the rulesin our work.

Preserving traditional manual work enables us to avoid using machines that might damage our ecosystem and its biodiversity. We limit the use of pesticides and favour grassing to preserve our vineyards and the surrounding landscape.

Our work in the vines aims to prevent soil depletion and soil erosion and maintain the microorganisms in the subsoil, in order to increase the quality of our grapes and of our terroir.

We are « Exploitation de Haute Valeur Environnementale » (HVE niveau 3) et , « Viticulture Durable en Champagne » (VDC) for the estate.

We select grapes from single vineyards, thereby maintaining the individuality of each plot. This enables us to select the best wines from the best plots.

Our champagnes are stored and aged in barrels or in bottles in our underground cellars so they can mature in the best possible conditions. All our wines are meticulously monitored throughout their ageing process right up to bottling, to ensure the most authentic taste.

Our house is a member of the French Independent Winemakers’ association.